Beauty untamed

We all meet people in life,who leave memories ,others leave lessons,and others leave void that noone else would fill but the best people we meet are those that never leave who choose to live in our life.

In my line of work I happened to meet Aisha very beautiful girl in and out,filled with generosity ,kindness,and such a beautiful soul.She totally appreciated my work and nothing that gives me life than someone appreciating what I do.

some pieces of what we came up with during her shoot which was totally beautiful




It was amazing experience …

Photo credits: Alice for studio90z

Model: Aisha

Makeup Artist :Lillie Beauty.


Eyebrows -Davis no3
Foundation -LA pro concealer
Powder -sleek
Highlighter -Anastasia Beverly hill glow kit
Eyeliner -Gabrini black pencil
Purple liner-Davis purple one sikumbuki number.
Eye shadows cham max
Lips-kylie red lippe

Photography – Alice Njeri of Studio90z
Makeup by Lillie Beauty


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Sheila’s Birthday shoot

Birthday is just a perfect day to spoil yourself with photos,chocolate,flowers,coffee,cakes etc….

so on this born day I decided to spoil my girl with free makeover so she could be all glammed.

I settled for nude eyes and bold lips she looked supper amazing…


I wish you many many more birthdays.



The lace dress was life.




The brows totally on fleek.

I used Mac eyebrow gel



I used kyle red lippie.


And we tried Ankara on jeans



Makeup by you @ Lillie beauty

Photo credits @Alice  0705185990

Happiest birthday sheila.




As i always say we are all work in progress.we are all pieces of clay and the potter can decide to mold us the way he pleases.

This has been a long journey that started close to 3 years in my mind,i tried visualizing it,i wrote it down.Blogging has been a passion that i now have decided to live .

My blog or rather our blog since it will be our journey of growth in all aspect of life, I intends to bring out the best of us.in this journey of a better me  in career,spiritually,health, relationship  i choose to share it with you.


Since am a makeup artist i will incorporate alot of my work in this blog and ensure we all learn and become better people in our makeup skills,my lifestyle too trying to get up with fashion,but as for me fashion is anything that when dressed show kindness,love,humility and image of christ.i will dress up for him…


As i always say we are all work in progress.we are all pieces of clay and the potter can decide to mold us the way he pleases.

May my this journey bring inspiration,growth and prosperity to all those who step by




Tooooo much love for you people.once again thankyou for stopping by.




……………………….Beauty And  Beyond………..





There is nothing as hard as trusting the lord and remain positive through the process of waiting…. We are all human and for that reason we fall short of his glory,the attitude we pull out while waiting upon God is a determinant of so many things…… Things like loosing jobs,loosing parents,loosing friends , relationship breakdown loosing all that you would think its all that you require to make it in life…..

They are things that leave you thinking to quit goodness of life…. Devil is a liar he knows that after you loose that job you will be full of stress and stress.its good in such a time to meditate on his words like first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all this things will be added unto you (Mat 6:33)

You see loosing a parent is not easy but he still promises us he shall wipe our tears and death will not exist in us anymore (rev-21:4)

Relationship breakdown can be very depressing but its never the end of it..if that person could have been better with you trust me things would have worked out and because he can’t bare shame of broken marriages he ensured that he will give you ur perfect match even if its not now he will bring him to you…….he will med your broken heart(plasms147-3) the lord heals the broken hearted and bandages their wound,be thankful she or he left its for your own good..it will make sense very soon……keep the faith…



Friendship is important but sometimes we all fail our friends,betray them and sometimes decide to quit friendship,this left me thinking why can’t I forgive and let go,am not perfect either I have wronged in one way or another,the idea of not forgiving makes life really hard.(Luke 17:3)


“Take heed to yourself if your brother trepasd against you,rebuke him and if he repent forgive him…….”
Make a choice to remain positive when waiting Upon God he knows it better he has all the answers don’t loose hope….. You are still work in progress .
Quitters never win…
Take heed in God..

Makeup by me..

Photo by jim 0711 718221